About us

GEOTESTUS is a leading engineering geological investigation company in Lithuania with a longstanding experience and highly qualified specialists.

The company performs field and laboratory soil investigations, necessary for design and construction of geotechnical structures, drilling of boreholes of different purposes, soil compaction tests, pile tests, soil and groundwater analysis in geological and environmental aspects, performs hydrogeological surveys and provides consultations.

Soil field surveys are performed by using Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), can be static and/or dynamic, Dynamic Probing (DP) and DilatoMeter Testing (DMT). To control soil compaction quality, static or dynamic Plate Load Tests (PLT) are used.

Drilling works are performed by using screwing, punching and shafting methods. During a geotechnical survey, boreholes are drilled close to CPT, DP or DMT points. This is necessary to evaluate soil’s lithological structure, to determine groundwater depth, to install groundwater monitoring system, and to take disturbed and/or undisturbed soil samples for further laboratory testing.

GEOTESTUS was actively engaged in geotechnical, hydrogeological and ecogeological works for Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant and the surveys of all nuclear fuel storehouses at Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, as well as surveys of wind power stations and other infrastructure, civil and industrial objects’ construction sites. The company is a private capital enterprise, the main shareholder is UAB Geogrupė.

Our work is based on modern technologies in collaboration with the Lithuanian science institutions.

GEOTESTUS was founded in 2001.  In 2007 it became the member of the Association of Geological Corporations.